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A Fall Picnic Engagement Session on the Water at Hermitage Museum and Gardens in Norfolk, Virginia

Romance is in the salty air by the waterfront in Norfolk, VA, setting the stage for lovebirds to soak in nature even in the fall. Brittaney and Ben stole sweet moments while my camera froze every smile, gaze, and loving hug.

Tucked away in Norfolk, VA, the Hermitage Museum and Gardens are a magical mix of history, art, and nature. It's a dreamy spot with beautiful gardens, charming buildings, and breathtaking water views, perfect for lovebirds looking for a romantic outdoor photoshoot.

Brittaney and Ben's fall engagement session wasn't just about snapping scenic views; it was all about those cozy, heartwarming moments that make their love story sparkle. From giggles at the waterfront picnic to sweet cuddles under the tree cover, every moment they shared was full of love and fun! Please enjoy Brittaney and Ben's fall picnic waterfront engagement session.



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