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A Rustic Dream Wedding at Harley's Haven in Windsor, VA

This rustic dream wedding was filled with natural light, candid moments, and intricate details, making it a visually enchanting and memorable event.

As a wedding photographer, I've had the privilege of working alongside some incredibly talented professionals in the industry. One such experience that stands out is second shooting for a photographer at the charming Harley's Haven. Harley's Haven, nestled in the heart of Windsor, Virginia, surrounded by countryside and bathed in natural light, oozes rustic charm.

As a second shooter, my role was to assist the lead photographer in capturing the candid moments, angles, and emotions that make a wedding day truly special. I had the opportunity to focus on candid shots of guests, capture the intricate details, and document the moments in between the main events.

Here you'll see images from Jade and Kyle's wedding day. Please note, this is not their full gallery. These are only highlights of my favorite images from the day. If you'd like to view this full second-shooter gallery, please inquire.

Till the next love story.


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