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Historic Windsor Castle Park Wedding in Smithfield, Virginia

Amidst the historic allure of Windsor Castle Park in Smithfield, Virginia, I recently assisted in capturing groom portraits and ceremony photos.

My focus for the day was capturing the groom's portraits and assisting with the ceremony. Windsor Castle Park, with its picturesque landscapes and historic manor house, proved to be the perfect canvas for this intimate celebration. The charming surroundings added a touch of magic to every frame, making the portraits a delightful dance of light and emotion.

From the quiet moments of reflection to the laughter shared with friends, each click of the shutter felt like freezing time, capturing the heart of the groom's journey towards his happily-ever-after. The charm of the setting seamlessly intertwined with the genuine emotions, creating a collection of portraits that spoke volumes about the love that filled the day.

Please note, this gallery is a second-shooter gallery, where. I was only needed for one hour. For more information, please inquire.

Till the next love story.


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