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Waterside District Engagement Session

Truly a remarkable couple!

Aaron and Janelle didn't really know what to expect when they booked with me. They were in for a complete surprise! Little did they expect to spend the whole session laughing and kissing each other until sunset. It was really cool to watch them come out of their shy shells and really get into taking photos- especially Aaron! They both claimed to be awkward and never had a good photo of them, but they proved themselves wrong with their engagement session.

Did I mention this was my first session done at Waterside District in Norfolk, Virginia? It is!🙈 Previous couples have always wanted park or beach engagement photos, but Janelle and Aaron were the first couple to request a session with "concrete." We picked Waterside District because it was really diverse with photo options. We were able to capture great photos with buildings, boats, and some greenery too- the best of all worlds. In some of their photos, you can even see the well-known Spirit of Norfolk in the background!

Please enjoy their gallery!



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